Health Systems Action

About Us


Health Systems Action is a multidisciplinary networked consultancy helping solve  problems in a One Health context, i.e., the complex systems that link human health to health care, planetary health, financing, data, and technology.

Partnership and Collaboration

We look for partners with shared values and strong technical expertise who are team players. 

Navigating Change

Local and global challenges demand resilience  and adaptability, guiding healthcare providers and systems through unprecedented and rapid change.

Partners and Collaborators

Insight Health Solutions

Insight provides health actuarial and analytics services in 30 countries: actuarial modelling, data management, business intelligence and analysis to help clients manage risk and develop opportunities, tailoring advice to each varied context.

Dr Gareth Kantor

Founder, Health Systems Action

Anesthesiologist and healthcare industry consultant


Percept is a transdisciplinary advisory firm with roots in the Global South. We leverage transdisciplinary collaboration, evidence, and ingenuity to address complex problems of social urgency and systems change in service of a healthier, more equitable, and more resilient world.

APEX Solutions

Independent, certified measurement and improvement of indoor air quality.

MAST Analytics

Co-founders Cristina Mannie, pharmacist and public health specialist, and Stefan Strydom, data scientist, are a team passionate about combining clinical disciplines with data, analytics and AI to improve public health.

Cristina Mannie
Co-founder, Mast Analytics
Stefan Strydom

Co-founder, Mast Analytics

Dr Michelle Youngleson

Michelle is a medical doctor and Quality Improvement specialist affiliated for 20 years with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement,

Dr Andrea Huggett

Andrea is a medical doctor and change maker with  experience in healthcare and financial services, managing software development, claims and underwriting teams, a wellness programme, HR management and recruitment, data analysis, reporting and research. 

Adam Todes

Adam is a UCT-qualified electrical and computing engineer and analyst with a passion for bringing data to life using models that optimise efficiency, intuition and insight.

Dries Oelofse, MSc, MBA

Dries is MD at Exponential Technologies Business Services and driven  to build South Africa’s bioeconomy, with a passion for precision medicine and biotechnology, innovation, drug discovery and development environments.

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