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with systemic (and AI-enabled) approaches to the major health problems of our day – to achieve measurable outcomes that matter


Modern healthcare is complex and expensive. Great technology and good people, trying hard, yet safety, experience, and health outcomes aren’t always what we expect and hope for.  


With better design, an environment for learning, and kindness for ourselves and those we serve, we can get more health from our healthcare. We bring together experts with differing perspectives and skills to solve significant problems with you, using sound methods, data, careful listening, and respect for the frontline team.

For whom?

For a variety of clients – hospitals, tech, Pharma, funders, government – but ultimately for patients, while prioritising a healthy workforce and a healthy planet.

High value project support and consultancy services in several focus areas.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise with the world.

Fatty Liver Has a New Name, and a New Drug. Why Should We Care?

If you’ve never heard of NAFLD (Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease), or MASLD (Metabolic dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver disease (MASLD), its equally non-catchy new name[1], you’re not alone. Yet this condition affects 30% of the global population.   Image: DALL-e As an anesthesiologist working in the operating rooms of a large university medical center in Cleveland, Ohio … Fatty Liver Has a New Name, and a New Drug. Why Should We Care? Read More »

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